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Borletti Group is a privately owned investment group.
While headquartered in London and Luxembourg, our presence is felt on a global scale with a widespread network of active investors and entrepreneurs all over the world.


In Investments

Today, Borletti Group has invested >3 Billion Euros in prominent Retail and Luxury companies.


Team Members

A Diverse Team Spanning Many Disciplines and Geographies

Year History

Established in 2005


Located in key regions of Europe

Where it all began

Borletti Group was founded by Maurizio Borletti and Paolo De Spirt with the mission of investing in highly appealing Brands through their private equity initiatives.

Our founders have unrivalled expertise in retail, luxury, and branded consumer goods. Maurizio Borletti has spent nearly three decades as a CEO and lead investor in the luxury and retail sectors.

Paolo De Spirt began his career as an investment banker, advising corporates on M&A and IPOs. He went on to become a successful entrepreneur and CEO in the retail and fashion industries.

Borletti Group's success has been attributed to the significant value add on Strategic matters and Board level contributions, leveraging its International Network and active/hands-on approach.

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