Team Hero

Our Investment

Our investment approach is characterized by flexibility. We are adaptable, adjusting our Investment horizon depending on the needs of the acquired company. Without exit time maturity constraints, we have managed to build a formidable track record of returns. According to the opportunity, we pursue different types of investments: Direct, co-investments, majority stake, or minority but with strong governance.

Our Target

Deal size

Enterprise Value up to €1bn on an opportunistic base

International Opportunities

We invest internationally across Europe and North America in Brands with Global ambitions


Fast growing and high quality companies, with strong fundamentals and tangible growth opportunities


Focus on industries in which Borletti Group has strong know how: consumer goods, fashion, luxury, lifestyle, and retail


Our proven expertise and deep industry knowledge helps foster success across Borletti Group's portfolio companies.


Borletti Group’s management team boasts a long-standing career in the luxury, lifestyle, and consumer goods sectors. Over the years, the Borletti Group management team has garnered deep market knowledge and a clear understanding of the pillars underpinning the sector. It has developed the bespoke ability to spot opportunities and value companies according to best market standards.


Market opportunities are taken upon a strongly analytical approach, combined with an entrepreneurial vision. We see opportunities beyond numbers, exploiting assets to their fullest potential by introducing the right people to drive real growth.


With a proactive and hands-on approach, we collaborate with leading management teams and we support CEOs & Entrepreneurs to position them for success. While we participate in key strategic decisions, we do not take direct roles away from management.


Leveraging our broad international network, we provide strong support in developing bespoke strategies to exploit the full potential of our portfolio companies.